Dana Alyss is currently writing, producing, directing and starring in the web series she created called “The Ugly Friend.”

The Ugly Friend Series follows the life of Amanda Jenkins, a small town girl who has moved to the big city of Los Angeles. She has a unique personality and does not conform to the social norms set in Hollywood.

She enjoys pizza and hates working out, she likes to play sports instead of getting a manicure and she speaks without stopping to think first, which can become a little awkward.

Amanda marches to the beat of her own drum and finds nothing wrong with the way she lives her life, even if everyone around her seems to constantly be judging her. She reminds us that we all have our “ugly moments” but that doesn’t make us ugly people. Amanda teaches us to look past the exterior and get to know what’s underneath the surface, and you may just find a great friend who will always be there for you. With the helpful guidance of her two best friends Rachel and Kelsey, she gets by in the town that is so quick to judge what’s on the outside rather than the inside and may even be able to find love with someone just as unique as she is.

View the Series at: Youtube.com/user/UglyFriendSeries

the ugly friend






Also on the docket is Dana’s own personal YouTube Channel, where she makes Comedy videos.

Morning Thoughts While Making Coffee is in it’s third season where Dana shares thoughts she has while making a morning Cup of coffee, or tea, or any hot beverage that her Keurig will make, or Starbucks.

Also Decorating With Dana is taking off. Dana shows you how to make arts and crafts while drinking adult beverages of assorted kinds. She has special guests and the crafts are easy and inexpensive.

She makes other videos also, Vlogs, Diaries, and Eunice. So go check out her page here! YouTube.Com/user/DanaAlyssStem




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