About Dana Alyss

Dana Alyss is a Pennsylvania native and California transfer. Growing up in the small town of Bethlehem, she always knew she needed a bigger Field to graze. After moving to Philadelphia, to attend Temple University for Television Production, Dana made the move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. Having a very creative mind, Dana enjoys taking photos, writing, drawing, singing (in the shower), dancing, acting, directing and producing. Called a “Jill of all trades,” by some, she likes to get her hands dirty with anything that interests her.

Dana has created, written, produced, directed and stars in her wildly funny web series “The Ugly Friend.”  Always being made fun of for being  because of her wild imagination and inability to filter her thoughts, and her lack of hitting puberty until the age of 17. She grew up being picked on and being called ugly. However, after turning from the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, she has realized that being “ugly” is not a bad thing. Dana used this to make fun of herself for being “the ugly friend” and wants to show that everyone has their moments where they aren’t perfect, or maybe do something others deem to be weird and that they can still come out on top!

Dana Alyss hopes to, one day, star in her own TV show and win an Emmy for writing, producing, directing or acting or interpretive dance.

She also has a love of animals, especially Giant Pandas and is a supporter of The World Wildlife Fund, who work to conserve endangered animals.